The new tax laws allows a homeowner to sell their principal residence and keep up to $250,000 (for single people) and $500,000 (for married couples) of profits and not pay any tax if they have lived in the home for 2 of the last 5 years. Our office specializes in HUD and VA foreclosures and have sold over 700 foreclosed units. We have helped tenants become homeowners. We can help you to do the same.

Our Principal Broker has been in real estate for almost 30 years and has been a real estate developer for nearly 30 years. Our company is very knowledgeable in zoning matters, condominium development, subdivisions, HUD foreclosures and finding affordable housing. If you take advantage of this exciting new tax law, your mortgage amount could be reduced dramatically and you could enjoy a low monthly mortgage payment and increase your equity substantially.

May we have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our program and explain how it would work. The advantage to you is that if you are a homeowner, you would be more settled and know that you are building up equity.